c a b i n e t s

Corner Cabinet with Boy in Tree

purpleheart, pine tiger maple, aromatic cedar, 32x17x77 - 1994*

The boy in tree is part of the carving in the

pediment and is a tongue-and-cheek self portrait

of the little child in all of us.

This cabinet was inspired by Southern Country

variations of "High Style" and rendered in a

kind of Carpenter Gothic style with exotic

material which lends a mysterious element to the

piece. The case section is made of clear

pine joined by a slip tongue and nailed

as the original maker fastened the boards.

The center carving is a piece of aromatic cedar

which lent itself to the tree form and provided

the opportunity for me to put my own child face

in the tree looking out at the world in

wonderment. The mouse, also of cedar, finds

its way up the rear third leg creating a soft tension

to the whole.